1.  Definition of the Assignment:

a. Establish clear understanding of the position with organization chart, reporting relationships, duties, special skills, specific knowledge, education, years of    experience, title, management style, level of confidentiality, compensation      structure, benefits, and relocation support.

b.  Meet key executives in client organization and gather corporate literature.

c.  Document discussions with the source letter to verify understanding, client expectations, and unify collaborative effort between client and the search consultant.


2.  Research and Identification of Key Prospects:

a.  Identify target organizations through research and personal network.

b.  Make contact with prospects employed at these target organizations.

c.  Summarize the top five prospects within 30 days and report names, titles, company, years of experience, and probability of success.


3.  Evaluation:

a.  Personally interview the top prospects to assess strengths, weaknesses, real motivation, rational thinking, emotional intelligence, decision making process, management style, potential “fit” within client culture, and other factors.

b.  Present the final candidates to the client organization with a profile summarizing observations, professional chronology, and personal data.

c.  Verify professional credentials.

d.  Arrange personal interviews with client organization to further evaluate candidates.  If requested, conduct executive assessment using psychological instruments and formal assessment process.

e.  Make contact with at least three personal and professional references and summarize results.


 4.  Recruitment:

a.  Identify key factors that influence the candidate’s positive decision to accept the position and potential difficulties with the subsequent resignation.

b.  Help determine and negotiate the final compensation package.

c.  If necessary, customize compensation package using deferred compensation plans, insurance, loans, and retirement packages.

d.  Assist in arranging relocation by contacting real estate agents, moving companies, and other family support leading to first day of employment.

e.  Contact the successful candidate in 30 days, 90 days, and one year to deal with any issues that might arise and assure client satisfaction.




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