• We are credible in our respective fields because we have most likely held the position the client is seeking to fill. Prospects and clients listen when we speak.
  • Our breadth, depth, and years of successful personal experience in the search professional has allowed us to develop an extensive network of extraordinary individual talent currently successful in their respective professions.
  • Personal integrity and character continue to be our mantra as we represent our clients in the market place.
  • We have fewer off-limits target companies from which to identify and recruit top talent.
  • The client receives our individual personal commitment to achieve the required results; no hand off to inside staff. “Commitment is the prerequisite to success. Commitment is the state of being bound-emotionally, intellectually, or both, to a course of action. Actions speak louder than words.”
  • We are direct communicators!
  • We are engaging and proactive when discussing the appropriate strategy and best way to support your staffing needs.


Shamrock Outsourcing