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Emilie Booth

EBooth2Ms. Emilie Booth founded Booth & Associates in 1990 after working as a Human Resources Manager for a large financial institution who employed more than 2200 employees nationwide.    Ms. Booth has been responsible for all human resource functions, including employee development, talent assessment, and delivery of all staff and management training programs.
Ms. Booth earned a B.S. in Merchandising from the University of Texas at Austin and a  M. Ed. In Curriculum Design and Development from the University of Houston.  Emilie has worked with clients across Texas and the United States.  As a result of this wide experience, she offers clients knowledge of industry best practices in training design, talent development and human resources management.
Ms. Booth’s national client base includes Fortune 500 companies and growing organizations in the for-profit and not for profit space.  Market segments include financial institutions, consumer packaged goods, retail chains, oil & gas, healthcare, and energy firms.

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